about me.


hi. my name is bre.
i started this blog, not for an audience, but for me.  a place where i can express myself and maybe share some of my talents and passions. if you happen to stumble upon thimble be quick i hope you enjoy it!
here are a few fun/interesting facts about me:

1. i’m tall- yes i am six foot.
2. i have more conversations with myself than anyone else.
3. i hold my friends VERY dear to me.
4. meow- i love cats.
5. my fashion changes with my mood.
6. my favorite food is sandwiches.
7. my talents are currently being set aside during my current job. (job shopping as we speak)
8. can i please just be carrie bradshaw?
9. i still watch disney movies regularly.
10. sharks, spiders, & failure are my biggest fears.

thimble be quick is a little peek  into the mind of bre, it can be a scary place sometimes!
thanks for stopping by, happy blogging.

xo, b


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