must. try. now.

my three main food groups: pizza, beer, & mac n cheese.

i am not ashamed to say this- but this used to be my normal diet… it’s quick, easy, and CHEAP.  however the constant feeling of being bloated and tired started to annoy me. so, recently i have been attempting to cut gluten out of my diet and eat healthier.  let me tell you, it has not been easy!  however, it has been fun to try new recipes and expand my palette.  a new recipe i found that i have been dying to try is a simple 2 ingredient recipe that anyone can make:

banana chocolate chip bites:


step 1: slice and freeze 6 rip bananas for about an hour and a half
step 2: blend bananas in food processor or blender
step 3: add mini dark chocolate chips
step 4: scoop into greased muffin tin
step 5: place back into freeze for about an hour
step 6: use a knife to pop out banana bits
step 7: enjoy a delicious afternoon snack!

is your mouth watering yet? this is my kind of cooking!



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