mile high tour guide.

this weekend can not come soon enough.  my best friend that i haven’t seen in two months (we used to live together- separation anxiety!) is coming to visit me and i have the full weekend planned with fun activities.  she will be my first visitor i have had since moving to colorado and i can’t wait to show her all the “tourist-y” things colorado has to offer.  i can’t quite call myself a colorado local just yet, but since moving here i have been discovering the beauty, artsy-ness, foodie state colorado is.

if you are wanting to plan a short weekend trip- which wouldn’t be long enough, but hey 3 days is better than none- to Colorado, here are some must of the must see:

–St. Mary’s Glacier: located in Idaho Springs, CO
–Coors Brewery Tour: free tours, located in Golden, CO
–2 words. bottomless mimosas. top 3 restaurants for brunch in Denver: linger, the lobby, the corner office
–Garden of the Gods: located in Colorado Springs, CO
–Pearl Street in Boulder
–rooftop bars in Denver: the tavern & the view house
–you can’t come to Colorado and not visit a dispensary… we won’t tell your parents ;)
–Colorado State Capitol: free tours, located in Denver
–white water rafting: it WILL be cold, but worth it
–EAT: Colorado is definitely a “foodie” state and every where you look there are amazing restaurants
–the great wonderful: located in Denver on every Saturday in the summer- fashion trucks, music, food trucks, beer, fun

i could keep going for days, but here are some of my top favorite things to do so far in the summer here in Colorado.  what are your favorite things to do? i’m always down to try a new adventure!



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