70 Little Tips That Can Change A Girl’s Life

love this, must read!


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“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”- Coco Chanel

  1. Understand that being fabulous also means having a fabulous mind.
  2. Eat bananas when you have cramps, because they are the perfect cure.
  3. So is chocolate ice cream, in my opinion.
  4. Go a few days without wearing an ounce of make up, and it will do wonders for your skin. Besides, make-up is an optional addition to your beauty, it is not beauty itself.
  5. If a store clerk asks you to sign up for a free rewards card, say yes. It makes all the difference.
  6. Use dry shampoo even right after your hair is dried, it adds amazing volume.
  7. Toothpaste acts as a great spot treatment for acne. Try it, and you’ll see
  8. Become best friends with the girls that challenge and support you. They should give you big hugs, full glasses, and enough laughter to last a lifetime.
  9. Yard…

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