50 Simple Ways to Transform Your Life for the Better



Everything isn’t always as complicated and messy as we have come to believe. Sometimes, life is simply about happiness and the small ways we choose to engage in the beauty of being alive.

  1. Go follow @pugsofinstagram and laugh a little at those goofy freaking dogs.
  2. More importantly, don’t hold back your laughter in life. Smile at the silly antidotes that make life amusing. Laugh loud and genuinely. Give those bursts of joy all you have because you only have so many.
  3. Cling to your moral compass. Believe in the values that compose who you are and never allow others the power to strip that from you.
  4. Make pancakes whenever possible.
  5. Don’t forget your hobbies, they will save your soul one day. Try to set aside a little time for the little things you love.
  6. Have an open mind. Let the walls of your brain be temporary and kind to the…

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