a little #tbt to the future.

today is a very exciting day because tomorrow i get to move-in with my best friend in the cutest loft that is located in downtown.  my current room is packed up and ready to go (just now realizing how much stuff i have).
i have purchased a new headboard and bed spread, which are AWESOME i must say! I will post pictures as soon as our loft is unpacked.

since today is #tbt i though it was suitable since i am leaving my childhood bedroom in my parents house and FINALLY moving into my own place.  i don’t think living-out during college really counts because unfortunately, as sad as it is, it is temporary.  you know that each summer or christmas break- you go back home to your bed and your cheesy wallpaper and your moms’ s home cooked meals.  so this is a big step, i am taking everything i own and moving on to the next “thing” in life.  i’m hoping this will open doors to more independence, friendships, possibilities, experiences, and learning how to live on my own without any help.

yes it’s scary,and i will probably live paycheck to paycheck, but i don’t mind eating mac n cheese every night if it means i can call our little loft our home.

i have to next 4 days off, so i will keep everyone updated on bre’s and molly’s moving-in adventures :)

xo, b



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