from miss to mrs bridal shower dos.

from miss to mrs.


how to plan the ultimate bridal shower for the bride as the MOH.

1. make sure to ask the bride what she wants- it IS about her.

2. pick a theme: even if it’s as simple as a color theme, pick something- it’s fun!

3. FOOD. don’t forget sweet & salty. you want something for everyone.

4. decor: check out pinterest or some wedding websites to find unique decor ideas.

5. location: bachelorette party is for the craziness, bridal shower is should be classy! pick a location that everyone will fill comfortable in and is easy to decorate/set up.

6. invites: send the invites at least a month in advanced so everyone has time to make plans and take off work if needed.

7. games: this is a tricky one, make sure to pick games that everyone will be able to participate in.  you DON’T have to pick the typical bridal shower games, think outside the box!

8. party favors: let’s be honest, everyone likes to take a little something home with them- party favors are the best!

9. pictures: not only should there be pictures of the happy couple around the room, but be the photographer for the bride so she has pictures to look back on in the future- photo booths are always a fun idea too :)

10. when the day arrivals, don’t stress:  make sure the bride is having a good time.  be sure to make the rounds so everyone is comfortable and has someone to chat with.

once my sisters bridal shower is over- i will post pictures.  i have been planning and getting decorations- i can’t wait!

xo, b


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