15 Big Ways You Love Your Little Sister

this is perfect. happy siblings day!

Thought Catalog


1. When you were little, she automatically played with the Ken doll and was cast as the boy or servant in all of your games. She draped a dish towel over her arm and played the butler while you ruled as queen every single time. There was no alternative. You stood fast in your rules even when she cried. This is the way things were.

2. You think back on times when you foolishly bullied her because you were a child and had no idea the effect of your words. You internally cringe every time you think of the day you told the entire school bus her biggest secret and her little blond curls shook with anger and embarrassment and she cried with her big brown eyes. She was so little and even though you were only, like, eight, how could you do that to her you monster?! You…

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