february fun.


february is a good month because the sun FINALLY starts to shine, layers start to come off, the month before my birthday, a few weeks before spring break, and one step closer to summer.
february also brings spring fashions, which add a pop of color to our wardrobes after a long, very frigid, winter.  i wanted to share with you a few of my spring  “must haves” for 2014.

1. stripes: i am all about the stripes, its adds a nautical/classy touch to a very casual outfit.

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2. delicate jewelry: i love the simplicity and meaning of these bracelets.



3. pastels: get rid of the black and greys from winter- you can never go wrong with pastels.

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4. fitness: spring break is around the corner, time to start eating healthy and go for a run. (just think swim suits)

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5. new scenery: change your bedding or the decor in your living room, adding a little something can the dynamic in your home and is refreshing!

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oh, make sure check out the new video i uploading under my “music” tab- its breathtaking!

hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

xo. b


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