five minutes of good.

FINALLY, i have a moment to breathe and write a quick post for thimble be quick.
lots of new things are happening for me right now-
first of all, some very exciting news is that my older sister just asked me to be her MOH!  i have never been in a wedding before and am just so honored that she asked me and that i get to be standing right next to her on her wedding day!


yes, she’s having 11- ELEVEN- bridesmaids.


so excited :))

my second news is that i just got a new job! i am now working front desk at Healing Waters Day Spa. i am  learning lots (very quickly i must add) and am finally starting to get the swing of things.  on sunday evening we all had company work party at the piano bar ernie biggs.  it was a lot of fun and a great way to meet my new fellow co-workers.


new friend!


best friends AND co-workers.


if you would like to check out Healing Waters website, here’s a link: Healing Waters.
or check us out on FB!

with that being said, a lot of new things are happening for me with the new year!
its exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time.
xo, b


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