i know it’s #WCW, however i am changing it to Women’s Crush Friday for today (rules were meant to be broken right? ;)

if you’re a girl and you like fashion- then you probably have heard/seen the annual victoria secret fashion show.  this year when i watched it one of the models really stood out to me, even though all of them are absolutely jaw-dropping beautiful.  since the show, i have seen her all over social media, magazines, blogs, and pinterest.

cara delevingne.


she is currently 21 years old, no that is not a typo- she is 21 years old. she is from london, england and has modeled for burberry, h & m, zara, DKNY, and chanel.  she has done catwalks for dozens of fashion designers, been on the cover of vogue, and of course walked in the victoria secret fashion show 2013.
her dark eyebrows against her blonde hair have become her trademark.
she is stunning and full of spirit. keep your eye out for cara- she is just beginning her career which i foresee will be very successful!

she too cute!

xo, b


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