new year, new savings.

the one thing that everyone wants more of.
if your like me, you have a small budget- but want everything.
my hobbies include shopping, going to movies, traveling, and hanging out with friends.  all in which cost money.
i’m not necessarily calling it a new years resolution, however in 2014 i am trying to start saving more money so i can increase my saving account and in return be able to travel more in the future.
i have been doing a little research on a few small things i can do to save money.

here are the top 10 easy ways i have found to save money:


1. thirty-day rule: if you want to purchase something, wait 30 days to see if your still wanting that item.  many times when we go shopping our purchases are impulse buys… it happens to all of us… but we end up wearing/using it only once and then it ends up collecting dust in our closets.

2. write a list before shopping:  if it’s for groceries, birthdays, or shopping- MAKE A LIST and only buy whats on it.

3. clean out your closet:  if you haven’t worn something in the past year or two- get rid of it! take it to a second-hand store (platoes closet, uptown cheapstakes) and get money back.

4. swap books, movies, clothes with friends: instead of renting or buying something new, borrow it from your friends!

5. invite friends over to your house instead of going out: eating out and drinking can add up fast- spend $5 on a cheap bottle of wine and hang out on your front porch.

6. exercise more: exercising is good for the body and wallet! go on a jog outside or to the near by park- its free.

7. keep track of your spending: make sure to review your bank accounts on a regular basis.

8. take advantage of discounts and sales!

9. give up cable: i know this is a hard one, but giving up cable could save you up to$1800 per year!

10. start a personal budget: figure out what you make each month and what you send on gas/rent/utilities/other and figure out how much of your paycheck you need to put into savings.

join me with my new year, new savings?

xo, b


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