2 0 1 3 .



when looking back through this past year, a lot of different emotions rise to the surface.  there has been a lot of beginnings and ends.  many first and many lasts. new friends and losing old ones. things added to the bucket list and checking some off of it.  moments of happiness and moments of sadness.

i think what i have learned from 2013 is that life is a beautiful struggle and that you can always learn from yourself and others.

i have discovered that being a friend and sister is hard.

following your dreams is not easy.

when it comes down to it, you can only count on yourself.

go on as many adventures as you can.

save that extra dollar.

duck dynasty is an AWESOME show (especially when you need a laugh).

painting your nails is therapeutic.


laugh at yourself… and others.

growing up sucks.

don’t be so quick to judge others.

go to as many concerts as you can.

spend time with yourself, this is when you discover who you are.

hoes before bros. always.

sometimes you just need a good crying.

i want to fall in love.

wine makes any story better.

everyone needs a “person.”

happiness is challenging.


2014: bring it on.

xo, b


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