cheers to the mr & mrs.

last night i was lucky enough to attend the wedding of my boss and her new husband.  it was a beautiful quaint winter wedding that was filled with lots of love.  they wrote their own vows that brought everyone to tears.  it’s a special thing to see the love of couple become one.  we are all so happy for the newlyweds!

congrats to mr & mrs pederson!

1499675_1948340186755_1763091934_n 1484854_1948064939874_1766755198_n

i love my talbots ladies. group hug!


the first dance.

1459701_10202812049767543_1031314992_n 1450072_1948339626741_900684589_n 1425743_1948339226731_649019092_n

it was a delightful evening with great friends, food, dancing, and wine!

xo, b


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