completely scandalous.

if you haven’t seen the ABC show scandal, you are definitely missing out.

it is about a group of “gladiators” who are all professional fixers- they fix crisis’  within the government, personal problems, and scandals.  each gladiator has a certain skill that contributes to the team.  the group of 5 are led by olivia pope, aka the actress kerry washington,  who is in love with the president who has a wife that knows about their secret love affair.  talk about drama.

my favorite thing about this show isn’t just the drama, love triangles, and corrupted politics- it is olivia pope’s style.  kerry washington is the perfect actress for olivia pope, she portrays the strong, career driven character so well you can help but love her.  her style is impeccable and she always looks so flawless.  she is known for her classic and shapely pieces with solid and conservative colors.  the costume designer for the show is Lyn Paolo. here is more information about the costume designer and how she picked these classic looks for olivia pope. click here.

from the office, to a jog around the park, to sitting on the couch in her pj’s, olivia pope is always looking fabulous.

scandal is currently on season 3, here is a teaser trailer for anyone who hasn’t seen the show:

xo, b


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