a weekend of fashion.


that is how i feel right now after a VERY busy weekend in kansas city.  unforgettable is also what i would call my past weekend.

i volunteered for KCFW aka Kansas City Fashion Week which is a 4 day event that promotes local designers and boutiques and gives them and chance to showcase their designs.  5 runway shows, 29 designers, and a few drinks at the after parties later… i would say i had the time of my life!
i met some very kind people who i hope to see again, also i gained so much experience and knowledge in what it takes to run a fashion show.
and don’t forget FUN! who does love loud music, drinks, socializing, and fashion?!


to find more information about the designers, go here: KCFW designers.

search for local activities and events where you can volunteer, its great to put on your resume, great way to meet people, and gets your out of your comfort zone! i am so thankful i had this opportunity, can’t wait for KCFW in the spring!

xo, b


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