seeing double.

WAIT, i am getting old.

it’s 9:30 on a wednesday night and i am snuggled up in bed with my cat blogging…. and i’m okay with it.  after graduating 3 months ago, i think it has finally hit me that i am not longer a college student and i am finally starting to realize that there is life after college. ;)
i want to dedicate this post to my twin sisters that will be starting their great adventure the next 4 years at k-state. heres to the many late nights, mid-night snacks, hours of studying, getting into trouble with your best friends, and figuring out who you are.
in the past few years i have come to realize that these two girls are not only my sisters, but my best friends.  i can tell them anything and they won’t judge me, i can mess up and they still love me- i can be my complete self around them.  i will miss them so much next year. love you autumn and cassie.

xo, big sister b


One thought on “seeing double.

  1. Totally just saw this! You are the sweetest! I love you so much big sister and role model! I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear while reading this! love you!!

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