DIY maxi.

last sunday i was feeling crafty and decided to make a few maxi skirts! i though i would share how to make them- if you have sewn at least once in your life, then i’m sure you will be able to make these simple maxi skirts!

i am very tall, so i bought 2 yards of chiffon fabric for each skirt, 1 1/2 yards of jersey knit for both skirts to go under skirt (chiffon is see thru), and 2 yards of elastic for the band (1 yard each).  also you will need thread if you don’t have any laying around at home.

the fabrics i choose.

step one: lay out your fabric (hot dog style) and cut the folded edge of the fabric for a side seam.

step two: make pleats, approx. 1 inch in between each pleat on front and back of skirt on right side of fabric. PRESS with iron. OR you can gather along top of skirt front & back instead of making pleats.

step three: sew along pleats to secure. PRESS.

step four: sew wrong sides together along side seams to attach front and back of skirt. PRESS seam.

-make lining with jersey fabric-

step five: attach elastic with pins- pin on the right side of fabric and lining to wrong side of elastic on top of the skirt.

step six: sew around the elastic and attach skirt, lining, & elastic.
1079410_1843703330899_1781787379_n 1063510_1843702410876_1444584380_n

step seven: adjust length of the skirt from bottom and hem bottom of the skirt with approx. 1/2 inch seam allowance. PRESS.

step eight: dress it up or down and enjoy your new maxi skirt made by yours truly :)

more pictures to come with my new maxis, i just love them!

xo, b


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