“i think you just have to appreciate who you are, and hopefully they can see the hero inside of you.”

who is your hero in life?!
for each stage in my life i had a different person i looked up too.  when i was little it was my mom and dad, then i looked up to my older sister, then to my best friend at the time, and so on through the many years of elementary school to college.  however i think the person who i would consider my  SUPERhero would be my grandmother.  she is the strongest women i know with the most generous and kind heart.  she made it a point to be in all her grand children lives and taught us how to be a giving person.  she taught me how to sew and be supportive and much more.  i think we all have those people in our lives that we hold dear to our hearts.
now, let me share with you my nerdy side.  when it comes to actual SUPERheroes… i can never choose who is my favorite. i don’t know what it is about a man who is saving the world in a tight suit, but i would take any of these superheroes any day.


man, love me some superhero men.

xo, b


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