sunday funday.

today my sister and i woke up early to make my dad his father’s day brunch.  it consisted of  biscuits and gravy with a side of fresh peaches and chocolate milk.  after slaving away in the kitchen, we did a little bit of shopping and ended our afternoon with a delicious java chip frappuccino from starbucks.  we took a little photo-shoot while strolling from store to store to show off some of our bargain shopping we have done so fair this summer.

autumn is wear a vintage ankle length paisley skirt from goodwill ($4), a maroon chiffon tank from charlotte russe ($10), bestey johnson’s pink and white pooka dot sunglasses from marshals ($12), and a dark burnt red hat from target ($5).
i am wearing a black maxi dress from target ($22), ralph lauren gold strap sandals ($12), a gold and green chunky necklace from francesca’s ($6), jessica simpson sunglasses from marshals ($12), and a cream woven purse from goodwill ($5).

such a fun afternoon with this girl! you can still look good on a budget, you just have to be more resourceful and look for the best deals!

xo, b


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