bridal shower fun.

most people don’t like mondays, i on the other hand don’t mind them.  my mondays are usually filled with three class, time to catch up from the busy weekends, a little blogging, cleaning, and dinner with a glass of wine on the front porch with the roommates. this past weekend my roommates and i hosted our first bridal shower for our friend lo.  it was the first one i have ever been too one- and i must say it was definitely a success.  we stole a few ideas from Pinterest and had a vintage/rustic feel to it. the colors we choose were yellow, tan, and white.  we spent the whole morning baking cupcakes and puppy  with some fresh fruit for our sweet- and for our salty we made espinaca dip and wraps.  i am finally starting to feel like a grown up with of lo’s wedding festivities.  here are a few pictures from the bridal shower-


the whole gang.
the whole gang.







xo, b



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